I am a pattern-finder, a truth-speaker, a promise-keeper and a transformation-navigator. I help organizations in two ways.

Drop in COO/Sales & Marketing strategy
I help entrepreneurs in the consumer web space or scrappy divisions in large companies create their business case for investors or internal audiences. Over the years, I have helped dozens of start-ups build their business and raise millions in capital.

Call me if you need help:

Determining target audience
Defining Business objectives & measurement of success
Answering investors or internal audiences’ questions
Brand Strategy
Sales & Marketing strategy

Social Media
I help brands understand the often overwhelming and confusing world of social media and make crystal clear how new, innovative digital technology is changing the cultural landscape and will change your business organization. I then create actionable plans that focus on what you really need to accomplish. I don’t believe in “shiny objects”, so my recommendations have practical applications and zero in on your business’ target audience, objectives, goals and measurement requirements. Unlike many social media consultants, speakers and writers, I have real experience executing and have achieved ROIs for clients that range from 2x to 30x spend. I can then help you hire the right community manager to Tweet, Blog or Post on behalf of your brand.

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Phone: 740-MONIQUE (Dial 0 for Q)

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