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I can speak on a variety of topics including:
• Social Media
• Managing Virtual Workers
• Start-ups/Entrepreneurism
• Marketing Strategy

I also presents my methodology from my book, The Shiny Object Syndrome: Stop Focusing on Social Media Tools and Start Focusing on Strategy, Brand and Messaging at seminars and teaches it to companies, agencies and other groups in a quarter-day or full-day workshop setting. [Click here for a complete list of my speaking engagements.]


The Shiny Object Syndrome: Social Media Brand & Strategy
Just about every social media expert tells you that you need to “have a conversation” with your fans and followers on social media, but no one tells you how. Sure, they offer some tactical suggestions, Tweet this, post that, but no one provides a comprehensive methodology that considers your target audience, your business objectives, your brand and your messaging.

Leveraging my years of experience in consumer web, social media, branding and consumer insights, I have created a comprehensive methodology that helps brands align their business objectives, brand and messaging. This presentation is an overview and introduction to my methodology. The presentation will be tailored to the audience, but will likely include one or more of the following: Social Media Brand Personality, Social Media Brand Architecture, Naming Conventions, Conversation Guide, Social Media Editorial Calendar.

Presentation: 2 hours, including Q&A
Workshop: half-day to two-day workshop


Conversation Guide
The Conversation is the bread and butter of social media, but most people don’t think about it strategically. I teach the concept of the Conversation Guide—the 5 to 10 strategic conversations that your brand needs to either start or join-in in order to entertain, inform and engage its social media community and subtly insert calls-to-action. What types of Conversations work, which ones don’t and which ones are likely to start a firestorm of criticism.

Presentation: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours
Workshop: 2 hours
Consulting where we develop your corporations’ Conversation Guide: half day, includes additional staff member


Social Media Brand Style Guide
How you say it on social media is just as important as what you say. How do you make certain your brand doesn’t speak like a teenager when targeting people in their 30s and 40s? Or that it does not lose credibility with its niche audience because it was not using the right slang. Much like a traditional style guide, a Social Media Brand Style Guide outlines the phrases and words that bring its brand personality alive. I will provide examples of great social media style and some serious missteps.

Presentation: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours
Workshop: 2 hours
Consulting/Workshop: half day, includes additional staff member

Brand Architecture
You have four products, two services, franchises and/or various constituencies you need to reach (employees, customers, partners, etc.) How does this all fit together in social media? In this presentation, I discuss the things brands need to consider for social media. Who should be Tweeting/Posting? Your character, your brand, a product, your local store manager? I will review the brand architecture methodology, dos and don’ts, pitfalls and offer suggestions on common problems.

Presentation: 45 minutes, including Q&A
Consulting/Workshop: Half Day


• Social Media Strategy
• Social Media Crisis
• Social Media Measurement
• Managing a Virtual Workforce
• How to scale your start-up
• Social Media Trends
• Business Cases & Business Planning for Digital Entrepreneurs

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