You can find my resume here and my LinkedIn profile here.

I am looking for an executive role with a company involved in new media (social media, gaming, mobile, etc.) What excites me is helping that company’s brand develop and then leveraging that brand to engender loyalty in their customers/clients, employees and partners.

While that very much sounds like a Head of Marketing, Brand or Loyalty–and it could be–my focus expands beyond that to understanding the relationship between the stakeholders of the company and strengthening their relationship with that of the Brand. I would want to work for an organization that has the foresight to get rid of the silos between the marketing/branding department and other areas such as customer service, product, human resources and more.

Other areas of responsibility could include: Loyalty/Retention, Professional Services and Account Service/Client.

I am also very interested in managing a team and business division that is or will be global. For a large portion of my career, I have managed geographically dispersed teams over multiple time zones and in/from multiple cultures.  I have an extraordinarily well-equipped home office in Denver and am 20 minutes from a major airport, so reasonable travel is welcome.

I am only interested in working for individuals and companies who are ethical, value transparency and are constantly interested in improving themselves and others.

If you have a permanent or temporary opportunity or an advisory or board role, I would love to hear about it. Feel free to reach out via e-mail: or call 740-Monique (Dial 0 for Q).