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My approach to Social Media is different in a few ways.

I avoid the “Tool Strategy” and instead focus on Brand and Messaging
Too many “social media strategists” and Advertising or Public Relations agencies are focused on what tools they should use in social media. Should our clients be on Facebook? Twitter? Or the latest shiny object—Pintrest?

Tools are irrelevant as the one constant in social media is they change. What is relevant how your brand is represented in social media and the conversations that you should be having so that you get your clients or consumers to
• express interest (aka Fan, Follow, or Like)
• emotionally connect
• engender loyalty
• evangelize to all their friends

I focus on Cultivation rather than Creative one-off Campaigns
While the “big idea” is certainly important, it’s the whip cream on the sundae. The main focus should be on how to continuously develop the emotional connection with your clients and consumers by speaking with them every day through various channels and various multimedia. I’ve developed a brand and messaging methodology for social media that strategically provides Brands a direction to do this that is well thought out and codified so it can be shared with a team (rather than the current approaches, which are haphazard at best.)

It’s not just the Marketing Department
When I oversee the management of client’s social media endeavors, we start in the Marketing Department because that is often where the social media budget is. Once we start managing social media, we immediately need to speak to the Customer Service department because clients and consumers start asking us questions. A few months in, we have a tremendous understanding of their consumers or clients because we had been conversing with them. This data is extremely useful for departments: Product Innovation, Consumer Insights, Market Research, etc. Social Media is also used heavily by employees, vendors and partners so policies and guidelines need to be in place to address appropriate usage.

In short, it is my belief that social media is about brand, loyalty and the relationship with all stakeholders: customers, clients, employees, vendors and partners.

Questions I can help you answer:
• Who owns the consumer or client within your organization?
• What documentation do you use to codify brand within social media?
• How are you developing an emotional relationship with your target audience and then turning that relationship into loyalty and evangelism? (And then how do you measure it?)
• What conversations are you having with your target audiences that strategically set them up for calls-to-action?
Call me if:
• You are interested in developing and executing a social media program that addresses your business objectives and provides measurable results.
• Your brand is critically important to you and you want to properly execute it in social media.
• You hired an ad or PR agency that said, “Sure, we do social media” but feel something is missing. You just don’t know what it is.
• You know you need to have a social media plan, but you do not know where to begin.

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